Friday, March 23, 2012

First Let-Out

I can say it out but you can never accept it so what is there to say?
Deep down in my heart, I really believed that you were different.And I stupidly accepted another spiteful woman in my life.
In what way is this impossible for me to remain unhurt?
It feels like you're going to lose two people in your life.
What hurts more is that you know that you don't have a choice.
You know it's the best.
You know it's time to give up on them.
You know how I feel right now?
I feel so....dissappointed in you guys.
Well, it's okay.
With all those lies that you weaved up for me to live through smiling along as we go..with all the bad intentions you have within you when you see nothing but my bad points and misunderstand me..
Did you honestly think you knew me?
So how does it feel like after three years living through that?
You must be wondering how idiotic I am to have stayed.
Now I'm going to stay put no more.
I'm not going to chase after trying to pull you back to see what I see.
Trying to pull you back before you drown any deeper.
How sad is that knowing that whenever you try to help, they'll push you away saying that you're jealous.. They say you have bad intentions.. They say you're sowing discords.. When it was for their own good..

Well, I'm not God.

And I wish I can save those that I truly love but I can't do anything no more and see as you eat others alive.
See as you so manipulatively search for more victims.
Tricking them into accepting you when you know you should have treated yourself first.
Live then, yeah.
Live and chase after all that you want to keep your heart intact and not your religion.
Live like you depend on this world as you are now.
But as you do and when you've reached your wits ends' one day.
When the truth prevails, don't look at me and don't expect an, "I told you so," but go on quickly and search for yourself, your God and your real purpose.

'Cause all I can see when I see you pure forgetfulness.

If someone was truly kind, he'd be kind to everyone and not just one.
I guess, some people never change.

They just learn to lie better.