Friday, March 23, 2012

Heart-Out Regret

I really wish that I made my way to a secular secondary school.
I really wish I did and pushed my luck hard enough to get to any neighbourhood school.
I really wish I did so and met other friends.
I really really did wish so.

So I wouldn't meet anyone like I've met in my secondary school life.

I'd rather much be friends with those who don't know than those who do, yet are stubborn.
I'd learn so much more if I was with those who don't know.
But instead, I learnt how to be as those who know yet need tight slaps on their faces.
I feel so left behind for five years.
When I'm outside of the shell I've been in for eleven years, I realise that nowadays, most of the times, they appear more better than us.
Looking at where we came from, I'm abit ashamed to witness that, y'know.
I missed out five years of more than worthy friendships.
I think I would've done way better.
In terms of studies and even, life itself.