Friday, March 23, 2012

God & Ego

Until today, I've yet to find reason how to reason out with people like you and I just figured out how.
You see, when Ego was exiled from Heaven, God didn't say anything but all He did was gave three chances.
That was it.
Three strikes aaaand you're out.
So I guess, I've given you three chances.
I'm in no position at all to try to understand and analyse stupidity nor to interpret idiocy.
I am in no position to try to reason out with things like that.
When God forbade Ego in Heaven and tortured him for that, I understand now how to deal with people like you.
Do absolutely nothing.
'Cause I can't torture you.
But God can.
So I guess, this serves as a reminder to other people out there.
It's okay if people reign on you with their egoes up high like there's no God in their lives.
It's absolutely okay.
Smile and pick yourself up.
Enjoy it like it's some kind of sickening pleasure for you.
'Cause when you stop to take a look back, you'll realise that God isn't blind and neither is He deaf.

But those people are.
Sadly, they are.